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8th Grade Culmination Contract


Ambassador School of Global Leadership

8th Grade Culmination Contract


Student’s Name: ____________________________________

Date of Birth: ______________________

Advisory Teacher: ___________________________________


In order to participate in this privileged event, students must agree to the terms and conditions below and initial:
_____ understand that I am a current candidate for the 8th grade culmination ceremony 
_____ have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. This means the average GPA of semester 1 and semester 2

of 8th grade must equal at least 2.0.**

_____ have no more than a total of 3 “U’s” in cooperation and/or work habits during the 8th grade (final

         semester grades*) 
_____ complete a minimum of 25 service learning hours within the first and second semester.  
_____ complete and obtain a passing score on my “Culmination Portfolio” 
_____ have a 96% overall attendance rate in the 8th grade as recorded in MISIS 
_____ turn in all library books/textbooks and pay any fines
_____ Attend a mandatory “8th Grade Culmination Meeting” with a parent/guardian or

_____ have no serious infractions** of ASGL/RFK/LAUSD policies (which may prevent me from

          participating in the culmination ceremony)
_____ Sign and return this contract to my advisory teacher 

“I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.”


Student’s Signature                                      Date 

“I have read and agree with the above terms and conditions, and have discussed them with my child.”


Parent/Guardian’s Name                             Telephone Number


Parent/Guardian’s Signature                        Date 

*Serious infractions will be determined at the discretion of ASGL’s administration. 
**If needed, accommodations will be provided to students with IEP’s.
cc: Principal Gregory D. Jackson